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KHM-20T vertical baler

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产品型号MODEL KHM-8050 KHM-9060 KHM-8961
总压力 TOTAL PRESSURE 20吨(T) 25吨(T) 30吨(T)
电机 MOTOR 380V/4KW 380V/5.5KW 380V/7.5KW
油缸 CYLINDER ¢100 ¢120 ¢140
油泵流量 OIL PUMP 25L/min 30L/min 56L/min
成品重量 BALE WEIGHT 约120KG(About120KG) 约130KG(About130KG) 约200KG(About200KG)
打包尺寸 BALE SIZE L800*W500*H1000 L900*W600*H1100 L890*W610*H1400
内箱尺寸 MACHINE SIZE L800*W500*H1000 L900*W600*H1100 L890*W610*H1400
打包线数 No.OF WIRE UES 3条 3条 3条
机械重量 MACHINE WEIGHT 约1.1吨(about1.1T) 约1.2吨(about1.2T) 约1.8吨(about1.8T)
适用 USAGE 适用于压制棉花,塑料以及碎布等物料
Used for compressing cotton ,plastic and cloth etc
Custom made and orders for auto or manual baler of KHM-120,150,200tons are also welcome